Lost soul rpg

This is the pic. for lost soul rpg

The Game: Lost soul Rpg is very popluar on Roblox. I play it a lot. The awesome Maker is my Friend..... FANGRIDER. Right now in the game He has a free Insane Vip. That gives you a lvl 175 pass, and an awesome weapon called Smasher. It is a mace that may damage you but has massive power. Usually it will one hit kill. It is to all but Fangrider who has 100,000 health. Fangrider added 3 new areas. They are very hard and for people over the level 400. He is also giving out Robux for a prize to get to level 2,000 i am at level 1,098. Most people have already done it but fangrider is never online so he cant check. Although Fangrider owns the game, there are a lot of other scripters using the game.